• The 2018 GMAA Customer appreciation party, aka Rock & Roll Hall of Fame party, became the party of the decade.

    It Was Cool... Far Out... Groovy... Funkadelic... It Was Out of Sight!

    It's the largest party in the industry and you'd be hard pressed to find someone to disagree that it is by far the best. Auto Dealers from many miles around booked to Mishawaka this September to enjoy the far out festivities at this year's most anticipated party; sponsored, created and hosted by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Association (GMAA). Karen Smith-Mancewicz, president of GMAA made the commitment early this year to 'pull the stops out' on this event. "Even though our party has gotten bigger and better each year, I decided that this year we were really going for the gusto," Karen stated. "We have so many great dealers and this is the one time of year that we can really celebrate our relationships with them and show them how much we appreciate them. I made the decision early this year to do something really spectacular and the team all pulled together to make it happen."According to Karen the first thing that was needed was a solid theme. "We wanted to have a great foundation to build the party on and we looked at several ideas. We landed on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame idea and things just kind of escalated from there."Within weeks ideas were being developed to ensure that party would be one that would be remembered for years to come.

  • The party theme seemed to work perfectly as it was targeted precisely toward the audience of invited guests and they certainly appreciated and could relate to the theme. The 'pre-party announcement banners and promotional materials' set the stage for the event. Large banners, posters and counter cards announced the party and were hung or placed weeks prior to the event. Hold the date invitations were designed to support theme. The invitation itself (which was a 33 record inserted into an album sleeve) was designed to look like a 70's Greatest Hits album was also produced. On the back of the album there were details about the party as well as popular songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond about cars. Hmmmm, how appropriate.

  • The 2018 GMAA customer appreciation party at Legend Park was a great success

    The event was held at Legend Park in Mishawaka. Kathy Mull, Director of Customer Services for Legend says that GMAA parties are often the most difficult to pull off but are by far the most enjoyable. "Karen is very serious about the business of fun. She wants to make sure that if she invests her time, money and heart into a project for her customers that it will be done right." Mull said. "That's the kind of challenge that we embrace. She actually cares about her customers and that's very refreshing. Our challenge was to make sure that we did everything at Legend to support her mission."

  • Some examples of Mull's comment about supporting the theme included developing a midway game called the GMAA Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Game, a Hippie Pad (a tent set up to resemble a 1970s bedroom which included: lava lamps, black light posters, incense burners, shag carpet... right down to the Converse All-Stars), a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A courtesy of Greg Powell, printed tent doors that were themed with the host and hostess dressed in 70's garb, tie-dye napkins, authentic glass coke glasses and a myriad of other Rock & Roll related products, designs and decorations.

  • You can't argue with results. After chatting with dozens of GMAA customers during the party it was evident that the vast majority claimed this party to be the best ever.

    A special thank you to all of you who participated in making the 2018 GMAA Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Party a huge success!