A Sampling of Events That Have Defined The 21st Century… So Far

  • 2000: Y2K Millenium Bug

    2000: George W. Bush wins presidency after recount in Florida where his brother Jebb was Governor

  • 2001: September 11th Attacks

    2001: George W. Bush signs first Patriot Act

    2002: Michael Jackson dangles son, Prince Michael the second over hotel balcony ledge in Berlin

  • 2003: Combined Troops invade Iraq - First Stage of Iraq War

    2003: East Coast Blackout in the U.S.

    2004: Bird Flu emerges in 10 countries and regions throughout Asia including China

    2005: Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans and surrounding area

  • 2006: Pluto is no longer listed as a planet

  • 2007: Apple introduces “Apps” Improving things such as how we hail taxis, watch movies, get news updates, communicate and so much more. First iPhone

    2007: Global Financial Crisis - Worst since Great Depression

    2008: The Market Crash that saw the DOW down 34%

  • 2009: Inauguration of America’s first Black President

    2010: WikiLeaks

    2010: BP Gulf Oil Spill

    2010: Copiapo Chile Mining Accident - leaving 36 miners trapped for 63 days

    2011: US Troops successfully take the life of Osama bin Laden

  • 2011: Tsunami Hits Japan

    2012: Marijuana usage becomes legal in Colorado and Washington State

    2012: Sandy Hook School Shooting

    2013: Boston Marathon Bombings - killing 3 people, injuring 264

    2014: The death of Robin Williams

  • 2015: Gay Marriage is Legalized throughout all 50 American States

    2015: Attacks on Paris

    2016: Cubs win the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

    2017: Inauguration of Donald Trump as President

  • 2017: Rumors of North Korean nuclear missiles are confirmed with testing of ballistic missile launchings

    2017: The death of Tom Petty - the reincarnation of Tom Petty and then, finally, the concluding death of Tom Petty

    2018: The Tide Pod fad arises leaving thousands of people semi-poisoned from their chemicals

  • 2018: Six People die when a major bridge collapses in Florida

    2018: The longest government shutdown in American history began in December, going well into January of 2019