• Five Must Do’s To Better Your Instagram Exposure

    by Nikki Robert Singleton

    Social media has undoubtedly taken over the way that we live and view our day to day lives. Some people love it, live by it and swear to it. Where as, at the very same time, some have learned to despise it and have blamed it on the struggle of our country for many reasons. Regardless of which side of the “social media spectrum” that you may be on, we as a consumer filled world have no choice but to live with these inevitable changes that the world has brought to us. Our goal is to help you use these tools, such as Instagram, to build your business's exposure so that your company can bring in more profit!

    Below, we have composed a list of the top five tips on how to best advertise and expose your business through Instagram's social media platform!

    #5: Do not steal other accounts’ media!


    This is huge! Plagiarism is one thing, in which we also do not condone, but using someone else’s images or videos that you have found on another Instagram page can really make your company look unprofessional, less important or down right make it look like a scam. With over 77 Million Instagram accounts, it is not unlikely for someone to be following your page and the page that you may have stolen content from. The world will quickly spread and your business will soon be in trouble. Just be original and use your own ideas!

    #4: Gather your following.


    Another very important aspect of Instagram. As simple as we can state it, if you don’t have followers, no one will see your content - no matter how good it is! We suggest going to pages that are showcasing products or ideas similar to your own and following all of that pages followers! Heck, even go into their most recent posts and follow everyone who has liked the photo! This is a quick and moral way to gain followers. You’re grabbing the attention of people who are already interested in your product.

    #3: Keep your follower count high and your following count low.


    This may seem unimportant but, in the grander scheme of things, the way that people view your Instagram account is actual very powerful. We’re going to be very honest here with you so let’s think about it this way … if you see an account that has 1 Million followers and the account only follows 1 person themselves, you know that this account is doing something right. The more followers that you have, the more professional and reliable your page looks. The less people that you follow, the more important you look. Keep our ratios at extreme levels. This will take time so don’t be bummed out when it doesn’t happen over night. BECAUSE IT WON’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! Most accounts will take years to achieve this golden ratio. But in the long run, it will be worth it.

    #2: Keep things relevant.


    We’ve said it before and we will most definitely say it again. If people can’t relate with what’s on your page, they’re not going to give it any time or thought regardless. If you’re selling cars on your instagram, don’t post pictures of the flowers that you sent to your wife last week. People looking to buy cars do not care about your love life. They are on your page to see the cars you’re selling.

    #1: Humor is not a bad thing.


    People don’t have to be on social media, they just choose to do so. So, make their time on your page worth while. Have you ever realized that the pages that only post jokes or funny photos have some of the most amount of followers? That’s because people love humor! Now, you may be thinking that this tip is contradicting to our last tip. It’s not. Again, if you’re selling cars on Instagram, sell your cars on Instagram; but it sure doesn’t hurt to add in a funny caption once in a while, while at the same time, getting the point across as to why you’re posting what you’re posting. If you’re selling a car with some visible damage, give the consumer the information that they need: gas mileage, engine type, interior type, etc. But maybe throw in a “This car is so lovely that she once had another car run right into her behind just to cop a feel!”. Yeah, I get it, we’re not the joke experts, we’re just here to give you some advice. Whatever it may be, remember that making someone laugh can actually help you make a sale!

    All in all, regardless of how you feel about it, Instagram surrounds us in our every day. But, don’t see that as a bad thing! Look at it from a different perspective, here is just another avenue to make more money for your company! Take our advice and you just may see yourself in a better position one year from this very day (or maybe even sooner)!