• How Social Issues Will Affect Your Auto Business

    A Developing Attitude Among Much of the Younger Generation Could Just Sink Your Boat

    Nikki Robert Singleton

    It is no secret that more and more young people today spend more time at home within the confines of their own four walls, and less time going out and experiencing the real world. Well, let us correct ourselves: this doesn’t just apply to young people anymore. It actually stands true with a lot of the American population, regardless of age. So, how do you think that affects your business?

    I’m going to start by making the assumption that you’re not Jeff Bezos (the president/CEO of and that you’re not the president of Uber either. You’re probably more along the lines of an average American small business owner, operating your "hammer and nails" daily just to make ends meet for you and your family. And, being average American citizens ourselves, we know that putting food on the table isn’t always painless and easy, and we certainly hope that it doesn’t get more difficult than it already is. However, everyday life may get a bit tougher for the average American used auto dealer if the society continues in the direction it is headed.

  • Here’s where it starts (or I should say, where it continues), in this new-age of thinking. This era where we feel entitled to pretty much everything, where we feel the safest sitting at home alone without any “real” social interaction, where we demand our rights which include all of the things that we desire… which shall be handed to us free of charge or toil. It’s this attitude that is the catalyst for small business demise… especially businesses like used car dealerships.

  • Here’s how it works, and how it’s growing. Today, many Americans feel they don’t have to get up and go to work to get paid. In fact, many feel they don’t even have to leave their roost. They can lie there in their beds and without so much as flexing a gluteus maximus they are interacting with friends and family - although it is taking some serious arrector pili (finger muscle) effort. They don’t need to own a car to do that.


    The fact is, they don’t even have to get out of bed to eat, they can simply hit a dining app, text their order to a local restaurant and have DoorDash deliver it to their front door. They can even pay for it without picking up their wallets with a credit card or PayPal. They no longer need a car for that.


    Entertainment? Wait! Its being delivered (like their meals) via internet sites like Netflix, You Tube and countless online video game apps. They really don’t need a car for that either.

    Okay, obviously they need a car for shopping, unless of course they are one of the vast number of people who now shop online for virtually everything. So, they click on Amazon, and feel relatively confident that their purchase will be delivered right to their doorstep. It seems like everyone wants to help Mr. Bezos get richer!

    If they get the urge to purchase the latest, greatest iPhone the day it comes out - but they don’t want to stand in line for it, they have no worries. They simply text TaskRabbit and hire a stranger to stand in line for them. Their new phone will be delivered to them before they get out of the tub!

    America is going to become

    one big bed and breakfast…
    where you never have toget out of bed!

    However, what about that dreadful day when they decide they have no choice but to go outside. AHHHHHH! (Scary stuff!) But wait a minute! Even if they do have to leave their safe havens, they don’t need a car to do it. All they need to do is lift that little device up and order an Uber or a Lyft – transportation companies where complete strangers will take you wherever you want to go… but only if you’re willing to get out of your house in the first place.


    Let’s face it, unless there is a sudden turn-around in habitual, behavioral patterns, America is going to become one big bed and breakfast… where you never get out of the bed. You can bet that little by little this behavior will ruin your business. It all sounds pretty glamorous until you, as a used auto dealer, start to realize that,



    to leave their homes, there is no longer


    to buy a vehicle… and for you,


    What’s more, many of these folks are developing the attitude (right, wrong or indifferent) that there is no logical reason to own much of anything besides their cell phones; not homes and certainly not cars. What does that mean for you? While these people are sitting at home on social media, clogging their timelines full of sorrow and self-pity,

    they won’t be buying your merchandise

    or anyone else’s.

    So, is this just a ‘cry wolf’ scenario? Well let’s look at some facts. From 2012 to 2016 there has been an increase of nearly 125% in social media usage in modern-day America. That dramatically cuts into our time for some of the social activities that we used to be involved with, like going for a joyride in the car with our friends or just visiting family and friends. Furthermore, the average American today spends on the upside of 11 hours per day listening to, reading and interacting with social media, according to


    Taking into consideration that the majority of people sleep about 8 (or more) of the 24 hours, this leaves only about 5 (or less) insignificant hours a day for eating, bathing, working, household chores, communicating with other humans, and anything else that rational people do (including driving from one event to another). So now that they have less time for REAL SOCIAL INTERACTIONthey also have less necessity

    for owning a vehicle.

    Staying hopeful may not be quite enough to save your business in the long run. CNBC notes that these things are only going to get worse as the years go on, blaming it partially on these same social issues in today’s American culture.

    So, what can you do to help change this inevitably-seeming catastrophic direction that our country is heading in? Well, let’s first remember that negativity travels fastest BECAUSE it’s heading downhill and that’s why, in nearly every case of disaster, most of us perceive that changing the course is nearly impossible. However, also remember that in nature, creatures that are most committed to survive, and those with highest levels of will-power, have been known to accomplish inconceivable acts ,and often have changed the course of failure. In simpler words, what we really need to do is take an active interest in perpetuating change. Many people are already instilling principles in their children, friends, families and employees.


    They’re promoting things like work ethic, teaching others that a little bit of hard work is not a bad thing and that having a job is more than just punching in and out on the time clock. That there are better ways, more rewarding ways to get the things that you want. They’re promoting activity, positive attitudes, and helping others develop self-esteem. In addition, they’re rewarding them for the positive things that they do… not just throwing “stuff” at them. These are significant to the positive growth of free enterprise and to a very healthy society. More than anything else, we must break the “unsocial” cycle that has gradually blanketed us (and will soon smother us if we don’t fight back). We need to get our kids (and young adults) outside, get them involved in music, sports, competition, art, cooking, building… anything that takes creativity, logical thinking and activity.

    IT MAY SEEM LIKE A LOT TO HANDLEbut in the grander scheme of things,


    The simplicity in life is found in the purest forms of positive activity, a healthy personal environment, laughter, love and supporting thy neighbor. The time is now that we stand up and go back to our roots of essential regimen as well as intimate growth, personally and professionally so that we can all benefit. So, be very aware of how your country is transforming… it could just take you down. Now is the time for all of us to stand up and see how our efforts can change the outcome for the better!

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    So, let’s save our businesses, let’s save our country… hell, let’s save the world. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be a Superhero?