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Partial Listing

NOTICE: There may be additions, delations or changes to the GMAA Auto Auction Policy at any time without notice.

Please contact the GMAA Main Office for more information or updates.



1.  All persons doing business at this Auction must first register in the office and have bid or yard passes in their possession on sale day.


2.  All transactions must clear through the Auction office. Persons found to violate this area are subject to suspension of auction privileges.


3.  All purchases must be paid for before the vehicle is removed from the auction premises or with prior special conditions through the credit office.


4.  The Auction Guarantee applies only to engine block, transmission, differential “ring & pinion” and 4X4.


5.  Vehicles 10 years and older by manufacturer’s date will be sold mileage exempt.


6.  All arbitrations must be made on the day of sale and prior to being exited from the auction property with the exception to NAAA 7 day rules.


7.  All vehicles sold TA must have the title in the office within twenty-one (21) business days after sale date. There will be a $25 TA charge after fourteen (14) business days, or as per stated on contract announcements.


8.  Any vehicle not paid for by Friday noon without prior arrangements with the credit department will be assessed a $100 late payment fee.


9.  The auction classifies these Seller Guarantee transactions to be AS-IS sales and any   arbitration must be done between seller and buyer. Seller guarantee is a privilege that can be suspended if misused.


10. AS-IS No Arbitration - Please pay attention when purchasing a unit AS-IS No Arbitration. There is ABSOLUTELY no arbitration , including frame.


11.  Buyers are not to spend any money or to re-sell any TA purchases. Any money spent will NOT be refunded by the seller or the auction.


12. Auction Guarantee is 10 model years and newer, $3,000 and above and 125 K miles or less. Seller Guarantee is $2,501 minimum. Miles do not matter. All Arbitration is between Buyer and Seller on Seller Guarantee Vehicles. 


13.  NAAA guidelines states inherent noises such as Ford 5.4, 4.6 engines and any further deemed units to be added are not arbitrable.


14. Any units with turbos or superchargers that are born with them will be covered. If the unit has aftermarket turbos or superchargers they are not covered.


For definition of terminology or questions regarding the above Policies please contact management at Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction before entering Auction Area

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