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Interesting Car Facts: Part 2

10 Interesting Facts About Cars That Will Blow Your Mind!

Brought to you by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction


People that Text while they drive
are nearly 25 times more likely to
have an accident 
than those who do not.


died poor and bankrupt...


working as a mechanic for the company that he founded

15% OF nearly ALL OF THE LAND

In Los Angeles is taken up by parked cars


traded his shares of what is now a
for a Volkswagen

Hummer Drivers Love to Speed...

In fact they get nearly
500% more tickets
than any other American Drivers

In many American States

you can be charged with a DUI

even if the car is parked and you’re sleeping while drunk

Highway Hypnosis

The lack of recall
regarding your recent drive...
usually from a familiar
driving pattern
(to work, home, school, etc).



the Co-Director/Co-Writer of
"CARS", Joe Ranft died in a car accident
while the movie was still in production.

in 1900

Only 22% of all cars were powered by gasoline.
The rest were powered by steam and electricity.

Famous TV Host

Mr. Rodgers car was once stolen. 
It was only returned to him
after the thief realized who's car it was.