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Interesting Car Facts: Part 3

10 More Interesting Facts That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Brought to you by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction


It's estimated that Rolls Royce still has over 75%
of every car they have ever made... still on the road.


are legally allowed to be attached to a South African's car
in order to defend themselves against car-jackers

For the "Standard Servicing"
of a Bugatti Veyron

you would pay over $20,000!
Actually not too bad when you consider that the purchase price
of the Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere is just around 

3.4 Million Dollars

If you live in Denmark ...

you will pay 1 and 1/2 times the purchase price of your vehicle in taxes.
That means for a $20,000 car you will pay $50,000 with Taxes!
That's 150% in taxes!

So much for Socialism!

In 1916 a whopping

55% of all Cars were  Model T Fords.

Imagine owning that market share today.
Somebody would have some serious cabbage!


1.25 Million People

Are Killed in Traffic Accidents Each Year

Industry Experts believe

that Self-Driving Cars will reduce Auto Accidents

BY OVER 90% 

It only takes about
1/3 of a shot glass

to start the average automobile.
Even I could afford that!

The highest recorded mileage

on any car is nearly
2.9 million miles.
It is held by a Greek taxi driver and his Mercedes taxi.

Although a New York Science teacher that owns a 1966 Volvo claims it has now stepped
over the 3,000,000 mile mark.

At 60 Miles Per Hour

it would take about
2 lifetimes (150 years) to travel to the sun.