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  • What Car Does This Emblem Belong To:
    A checkered flag waving on the left, crossing with another waving red flag on the right?

    Answer: Chevrolet Corvette

  • Who is Responsible
    for Designing

    the First Corvette?

    Answer: Harley J. Earl
    He also designed the popular
    Buick LeSabre… not that anybody cares about that

  • How Many
    Colors was
    the 1953
    Available In?

    Answer: One
    Polo White, Red Interior and a Black Canvass Top

  • What Material
    Was the 1953
    Vette Made From?

    Answer: Fiberglass
    In fact, the 1953 Vette was the very first all-fiberglass-bodied auto ever produced

  • How Many
    Corvettes Were Manufactured
    in 1953?

    Alternative answer: Not near enough for Vette Lovers

  • How Many
    1954 Corvettes
    Were Produced?

    Answer: 3,640

    How Many
    1955 Corvettes
    Were Manufactured?

    Answer: Only 700

  • Why Did Chevrolet
    Drastically Reduce
    Its Production of
    Corvettes in 1955?

    Answer: Three Main Reasons:

    1. The Corvette did not catch on as a sports car after the first two production runs (1953 & 1954)

    2. Chevrolet officials discovered that Ford was releasing a new sports car of their own in 1955 which might cut into Corvette sales (the T-Bird)

    3. Chevrolet was installing a new experimental engine into Corvettes (the V-8)

    Basically, Chevrolet was unsure that Corvette was going to make it as an American sports car

  • What was the
    Retail Price of
    the 1955

    Answer: The 1955 sold for $2,774, the same exact price as the 1954 Corvette.
    However, the original price of the 1953 was almost $3,500 - about 20% less than the year the first Corvette was introduced.
    In fact, Corvettes never hit the $4,000 price tag until 1962 when they sold for a whopping $4,038!

  • What Year Did
    Corvette Dump
    Their Trunk?

    Answer: 1962
    They added it back in 1998

  • What Year Did
    Chevrolet Not
    Build Corvettes?

    Answer: In1983 Chevrolet did not officially manufacture Corvettes. However they did produce 43 prototypes for 1984 that year (some of them were referred to as 1983s.

  • What Year Did
    Chevrolet Hit
    the One Millionth
    Mile Marker For
    Total Corvettes Built?

    Answer: 1992
    A white Corvette with red interior (matching the very first manufactured Corvette) rolled off the line in Bowling Green Kentucky

  • In Which Year
    Was the Term
    “Sting Ray”
    Registered as
    a Trademark?

    Answer: 1993

  • What Is the
    First Signed
    Limited Edition
    in Corvette

    Answer: Ron Fellows Championship Edition in 2007

  • What Was the
    Most Unique
    Feature of the
    1963 Sting Ray?

    Answer: The 63’ Sting Ray had a split rear windshield which was totally unique to any sports car. Unfortunately, the feature was dropped in 1964 because it impeded driver vision

  • Which Film
    Features Arnold
    Driving a Vette?

    Answer: True Lies
    Schwarzenegger test drives a red and white Corvette as he is accompanied by sleazy used car sales guy (Bill Paxton) who Arnold suspects of having an affair with his wife

  • What is the
    Most Expensive
    Corvette Ever
    Sold At Auction?

    Answer: 1967 Chevy Corvette L88Only twenty models of the 67’ L88 were produced and only one in red. That particular Corvette sold for a remarkable $3,850,000 in 2014. The L88 featured neither a radio or a heater

  • What Was the
    Title of Prince’s
    First Hit Song
    A Corvette?

    Answer: Little Red Corvette

  • How Fast CanA Corvette Go… in Reverse?

    Answer: The 2014 Corvette was clocked at 53 MPH, going backwards. We don’t recommend you try it

  • What Were
    The First Two
    Options Offered
    On A Corvette?

    Answer: The 1953 offered only two options- a heater for $91 and an AM radio for $145

  • How Many
    Have Been
    Sold to Date?

    Answer: As of 2015 nearly two million Corvettes have been sold. Corvettes account for nearly one third of all sports cars sold in the U.S.

  • What is the
    Famous Corvette
    Named After?

    Answer: A warship that was small and extremely fast. The original name for Corvette was Opel- Really ?!?!?!

  • What Emblem
    Was Originally
    To Be Used On
    The Corvette?

    Answer: An American flag was to be used as the logo or emblem for the Corvette but, prior to the 1953 release of the first Corvette Chevrolet, manufacturers found that it was illegal to use it for advertising purposes. Instead, Chevy decided on the fleur de lis (a French symbol for purity) crossed by a checkered flag

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