by Nikki Robert SingletonIt is no secret that no matter if you are trying to better yourself personally, trying to better represent a specific brand or if you’re trying to advertise to the millions of people out there about your business, the internet has taken over that aspect of all of our lives. It is all around us. It’s in our hands, it’s in our minds, it is simply everywhere. Some of us may still look at this changing culture of social media as a bad thing but we know that, as a business ourselves, social media is there to be your best friend and we can guide you through the process of how to better take advantage of this newly emerging resource for your best interest.

    Here we have compiled a list of the top five “MUST DO’s” in order to best expose your business through the Facebook world!

    #5: Consistency


    We know that, with no matter what you do, the more consistent that you are with it, the more successful you will become. Dedicate yourself to a certain number of times a week that you want to post on social media and make it happen! Write it in your calendar, tie a string around your finger, backdate a post, do anything that you can so that you are getting your daily or weekly posts in to remind your potential customers that you are still out there waiting to serve them!

    #4: Mix it up!


    Everyone has their own set schedules and, whether you like it or not, you cannot control this factor. However, you can surely work your odds on exposure with mixing things up a bit. Change your times and dates during every scheduled post so that the people who are seeing your posts most often aren’t getting too tired of them. Along with this, you have the potential of reaching new customers. If you post at noon every day, you may miss out on the people who only get on Facebook at midnight. If you’re switching up your postings from time to time and from day to day, you are more likely to reach an entirely new group of people that you may have missed before!

    #3: Add media


    Let’s be honest, in today’s world, people are lazy! We are guilty of it ourselves. When we’re scrolling through Facebook, we know that posts are most likely to get caught by the attention of people who see something that looks attractive to them; which usually comes from some form of a photograph or video. Do not be afraid to keep your timeline “hopping” with photos and video. People love that and it is one of the quickest ways to catch the attention of your target audience. Which brings us to our next point.

    #2: Finding your target audience


    This one takes a little bit of thinking. If you are a plastic surgeon looking to sell more lip augmentations, you probably aren’t looking for a lower class or a younger age group of people. You are going to aim more for the people in the more expensive communities and, most likely, more middle aged women. If you are in the used car business, you have to pinpoint exactly what your target audience is by looking at your location, setting your boundaries by distance, and looking at what your price range is within the cars that you’re selling. If you’re cars are more in the $40-$50,000 range, you probably won’t be focusing too hard on kids going into or coming straight out of college. This is easiest if you are paying for sponsored ads within Facebook. Check your Ad Settings and see exactly who your posts are reaching!

    #1: Keep it relevant!


    Relevancy has been a booming topic for the past year or two within the world of Facebook. If it’s not interesting or “relatable”, most likely people are going to scroll right past it. If you keep your posts relevant, you are most likely to be caught by the eyes of the consumer. Our secret … change up your messages. Things that are relevant to one person may not be relevant to another, of course. So, the wider variety of the postings, the wider variety of the audience attentions you will catch.

    All in all, social media - Facebook being one of the largest - is taking over our world. However, rather than looking at this as a bad thing, take this inevitable force and use it to your own advantage. By taking the advice above, we are sure that you will see some sort of increase in social media attention which, of course, can only be a wonderful thing for you!