• Life Expectancy of a Used Car Salesman
    Want to Live Longer? Better Change Your Occupation… Or Your Habits!

    Article by K. C. Good

    Being in the car business isn’t always as fun and easy as we would like it to be. Though we do get to drive a new car every couple of weeks before we decide to sell it, work in an upbeat and typically, enjoyable environment, and make our own hours, there are still plenty of downsides to the occupation – just as there are in any industry.

    But, have you ever thought what the downsides of your job are inevitably doing to your health … or maybe worse, what they’re doing to your lifespan?

    I could almost bet that you didn’t know that the average life expectancy for a used (or even a new) auto dealer is only about 72 years old, nearly 7 years less than the average American male is expected to live. Obviously, not a good thing.

    This unfortunate situation could be caused by any one of, or a combination of, several factors including: high levels of stress, copious amounts of chemical intake generated from vehicles, a moderately less measure of physical activity and possibly even due to the fact that many auto dealers typically spend a lot of time away from home which some experts believe can reduce lifespan.

    While this might be alarming don’t be too cowed, we might have some ideas that could help.

    Don’t become exceedingly cowed over this data as we might have some possible solutions to this dilemma which could help you have a longer, even happier life!

  • #1

    Adopt a Furry Friend.

    He’s not known as “Man’s Best Friend” for nothin’! Science has factually proven that introducing a four-legged friend into your life could make you happier, more active and even friendlier – the result could earn an extra dog year or two for you!

  • #2

    Floss, Floss, Floss.

    Come on guys, this one is an easy one and something we expect you to do at least three times a week anyway!

    Not only does this help your breath (which could just help with your sex life) but helps fight certain diseases that could one day turn into a mega-killer … heart disease.

  • #3

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

    They say attitude is everything. Well in this case maintaining a more positive attitude could be everything.

    More and more healthcare professionals believe that having a positive attitude mentally can have a substantial effect on you physically. A not-so-easy thing to do on a regular basis but surely one that will pay off! Smile when you want to scream, relax when you want to strike and, most importantly, love when you feel most easily defeated.

  • #4

    Exercise Your Right To… Exercise

    You knew this one was coming. Whether you like it or not there is undisputed evidence that healthier people typically live longer and the best way to get healthy is to get active. Hit the gym, walk, jog, run. If you don’t like those ideas then start in a dancing class, aerobics or find a place you can swim on a regular basis. There is nothing that will replace exercise so throw on your Richard Simmons shorts and let’s go, go, go!

  • #5

    Eat Right

    Another no brainer. We’ve known this one for years but this is a tough one. If you want to live longer you need to properly fuel the body. Keep the junk out, put the good stuff in. Of course, with all of the hype and political mumbo-jumbo its difficult to say what is really good for you and what’s not. Our research clearly shows your safest bet is to load up on vegetables (lots of color), stay away from GMO veggies (such as corn, damnit!), eat some fruit, some fish and avoid sugars. Also avoid most white foods especially sugar, flour, pastas, breads, etc. Don’t be fooled by sweeteners, wheat products and anything with chemicals. Studying, understanding and living by a good diet can be life-saving.


    Kick the Cola!

    Trade in that soda pop for a nice warm cup of Joe… or better yet, water. Pop (or soda) has led to an increasingly dangerous amount of diseases including diabetes and stroke. However, Coffee can help fight against these things. It’s important that you are not just balancing the two out, as well. Pause the pop and continue the coffee! By the way, don’t think that diet soda is the cure. The chemicals in the sweeteners used in diet sodas (and other foods) can cause serious diseases including cancer.

  • #6

    Kick Butt!

    No that doesn’t mean sell more cars (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it means stop smoking. We don’t want to hear how hard it is or how many times you’ve tried, just stop and live a healthier, longer, cleaner life.

  • #7

    More Sex! Finally, One That You Like!

    Health professionals believe that having regular, active sex is not only healthy, it can actually add years to your life. Good News!!! This is one factor that many people do not consider but it is one that you might want to take under advisement. An active sex life can be good for your heart, your veins, your blood, your complexion, your mind and all that is associated. Plus, it’s fun!

    Consider this; take your spouse out for a nice enjoyable dinner. Have roses delivered to the table before you arrive. Tell her they have ageless beauty. When you get home, offer a foot massage… and hope for the best. Who knows, that formula might just bump a few extra years onto your life!